Haoming Liu

Professor and Chair of Chinese and Japanese

Haoming Liu received his PhD in comparative literature at Yale. His research ranges from Chinese literature -- both ancient and modern -- to Western poetry including R.M. Rilke, Friedrich Holderlin, Ezra Pound and Horace. His publications include books on Rilke's Duineser Elegien, Holderlin's poetry after 1800 and Horace's Odes (forthcoming) as well as articles on Fei Ming, Zhou Zuoren, Du Fu and Pound. He teaches a variety of courses on modern and classical Chinese language, modern Chinese literature and comparative literature and literary theories.

BL, Peking University (北京大学); MA, Indiana University-Bloomington; MPhil, PhD, Yale University
At Vassar since 2003


Eleanor Butler Sanders Hall
Box 506

Research and Academic Interests

Modern Chinese Literature
Ancient Chinese Literature
Modern Chinese Poetry
Western Poetry
Literary Theory
Translation Theory

Departments and Programs


ASIA/CHJA 366 Seminar in Transcending the Limit: Literary Theory in the East-West Context
CHIN 105 Elementary Chinese

In the Media

“This article presents a short introductory analysis and appreciation of one the most outstanding and remarkable translations from German literature into the Chinese language from the last decades, Translation of the Late Hymns of Friedrich Holderlin (1770 -- 1843) by the Chinese Scholar and Translator Liu Haoming.”
- Hans Peter Hoffmann. Published online 2016-06-07. Arcadia: International Journal of Literary Culture/Internationale Zeitschrift fur Literarische Kultur

"Haoming Liu's ambitious, demanding, and interesting 'Pharmaka and Volgar Eloquio ': Speech and Ideogrammic Writing in Ezra Pound's Canto XCVIII '(Asia Major 22: 179-214) shows that this late poem ‘actually focuses on the issue of writing and its relation to speech’ rather than the dualistic morality and Confucianism most apparent at first reading.”
-- Alec Marsh and Matthew Hofer. "Pound and Eliot.” American Literary Scholarship 2009, no. 1 (2009): 153-176.


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Haoming Liu
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Haoming Liu
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